hi! i was wondering if you will add more makeup and hair people to this blog as you've done on holland's, my hair is quite short like crystal's and i'd love to see more of that as well as makeup :)

If anyone is interested to contribute makeup and hair tutorials I’m more than happy to bring them in, since I’m not good at those :) - F 

hi! i was wondering if you could help with this even if it's not 100% style related but which bodytype do you think crystal fits best?

She looks like she has a rectangle body shape. 

Allison Lookalike Teen Wolf S01E05 ‘The Tell’, S01E06 ‘Heart Monitor’, S01E07 ‘Night School’, S01E11 ‘Formality’ & S01E12 ‘Code Breaker’ 

a.n.a. Faux Leather Scuba Jacket in Black | $125 $86.99 

The Real Deal: Express jacket 

wow, i just want to say that you are probably the most efficient and well-organized style blog i've ever come across. kudos, and thanks so much for what you do! :) xx

Thank you for your lovely message anon! 


What: Threads for Thought ribbed acid wash henley
Where: Teen Wolf S02E08 ‘Raving’ 

Worn with: Free People dress, Lia Sophia ring 

Allison Lookalike | Teen Wolf S02E05 ‘Venomous’

Forever 21 High Waisted Corduroy Shorts in Rust | $17.80 

The Real Deal: Forever 21 shorts 

Allison Lookalike | Teen Wolf Season 3 

All bags are from UK-friendly stores

Clarks [£89.99], Accessorize [£29], H&M [£12.99], Linea Weekend [£99], Ollie & Nic [£54.99 £32.99], H&M [£19.99

The Real Deal: Fossil bag

can you update the designer index please? (:



s03e021 The Fox and The Wolf & s03e22 De-Void: Allison’s Trouvé Faux Leather Trim Menswear Jacket

Worn with C&C California top and Converse shoes

Sold out at Nordstrom

What: American Apparel Leather Bow Clip in Beige | $16 
Where: Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times’ 19th Annual Halloween Carnival 
When: 23 Oct 2011 

Worn with: American Apparel pants 

thank you anon!