Hey guys, I’ll be away from now (literally) until 9 August on a school trip. I’ll clear your requests and other questions when I get back. See you then! 

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hi lovely, I love you blog so much and you do a fantastic job keeping it well maintained! I have a few questions for you, how would you describe crystals style and how would how describe allisons style? who's style do you prefer?

Another anon asked:

how would you describe crystal and allisons style and character?

Crystal’s street style would be laidback and unfussy. Her red-carpet style ranges from sleek and sexy to princess chic. Allison’s style is all about comfort with some boho elements. Personally I prefer Allison’s style to Crystal’s current street style. 

Thanks for the heads up! I can’t find this online so head down to the nearest Pacsun if you want one :)

hi! i just submitted an ask on teenwolf-style but i hope i'm submitting this in the correct place since it's not exact! if there are any Australian fans of Crystal's Alice McCall outfits, TEMT has valleygirl dresses in a similar mirror print lotus style, although quality is kind of F21-standard but that's pretty much expected for the price range. i couldn't find the dresses online but if anyone's interested, i can upload the photos i took of the actual dresses.

Thanks for the tip! Aussie fans, some good news ^^

Hi, I have a few questions if you don't mind? Crystal's denim skirt (your most recent post) appears like it might look a little momish, if you know what I mean? It looks great on her/with the outfit but do you know it any others have achieved the same look or if the skirt looks different in person? (I'm totally blanking on the other question so I'm just going to leave this in case I remember, sorry!)

Hi, I get what you mean, the high waist does give me some 90s & early 2000s flashbacks. Here are some people who I think managed to pull off similar looking skirts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the lookbook photo. Someone also did a youtube video about styling skater skirts, that might help you :)

Allison Lookalike | S03E16 ‘Illuminated’

Free People Galloon Lace Racerback in Neon Pink | $38 

The Real Deal: xhilaration bralette 

thank you anon!

here's a good lookalike to the bralette allison wore in 3x16 (: freepeople(.)com/galloon-lace-racerback/

Thank you!

yay i love that you're doing allison lookalikes!!!! (:


Hello, Do you think that it's possible to have a Crystal/Allison style ? I mean to mix their style .

Hi, it’s definitely possible to mix their styles! Especially since they’re kind of similar - both Allison and Crystal favour loose, flowy silhouettes and don’t show off much skin :)

Is it possible that you could find some of Allison's weapons? Like her ring daggers and crossbow?

I’m afraid the props department doesn’t share where they get the weapons on the show, sorry.